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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 12, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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part but tonight's demonstrations started differently. this is the view from newschopper 2. protestors gathered at un plaza and then hit market street. you can see them marching now. they didn't head into the civic center bart station. at this point there's been no trouble and no bart closures. and within the last 15 minutes they did head down into the power street station, they marched around for about two minutes, and then went back up on to the street. right there now they're on the move. they're marching along market street, back towards the civic is station. we want to show you a different view, san francisco -- this is from our live view camera here. protestors were holding a sign that reads, disband bart police some far the two dozen or to protestors causing no problems. they're just marching along. a lot of police on the side marching along with them. not blocking traffic that we can tell at this point. we're going to keep monitoring these protests and let you know, no bart closures, no
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disruption in service. that's the big thing right now. they're just on the move, going along market street. we'll continue to watch them, if there are any disruptions we'll let you know. san francisco firefighters are logging some serious overtime these days. new at 6, john is live in san francisco with the budget move that some firefighters say is overworking them. john. >> reporter: ken, this is station southern in the mission district and firefighters here like all others in the city have to work mandatory overtime. all the the additional time on the job is wearing them out. fire crews trouche a lawsuit mat this afternoon when a dryer caught fire. >> we put it out real quick. >> the chief says he is on overtime today. >> we don't stop, we work all holidays, we work anniversaries, christmas, birthdays, every holiday. that's just what we do. >> but because the department has 300 fewer firefighters than
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just a few years ago, and because more people retired recently than were expected, union officials say the overtime is becoming overdone. >> you plight get 25 volunteers to volunteer to work the next day, but we might need 35. so 10 people might be forced to stay an extra day. so that's a difficulty we're faceing. >> sometimes every day which they say could in the ends burn some people out. offers say on average, firefighters work only one mandatory overtime shift or two 24-hour days in a roeper month. >> 48 shift is not an unreasonable amount for somebody to work who does this type of work. >> san francisco supervisor says it's cheaper for the city to pay overtime than hire more people. >> sometimes the overtime costs associated with you is cheaper than bringing me on and adding my base salary and pension and health. >> for the first time in six years, a class of new recruits graduated from the fire academy
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last month. another class may happen this fall, which would make a big difference for everyone else. a gaelic football player has been released from jail without being charged for allegedly putting another player in a coma with a vicious hit during a game. mark mcgovern of ireland was seriously injured in june, suffering a brain injury. patrick power was arrested thursday, but released the next day. prosecutors office says it's still investigating the case. it appears financial troubles for solyndra came to a head a day before it shut down. according to a congressional memo the energy department rejected solyndra's request to restructure its federal loan deal on august 30th. the next day the company ceased operations. solyndra received a $535 million federal loan guarantee in 2009. reexpect ting the agreement was not feasible. bank of america is slashing as many as 30,000 jobs in the
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next few years, as part of a cost-cutting plan. the reductions equal about 10% of the bank's staff, and is expected to save b of a about $5 billion by the end of 2013. the company says layoffs will come mainly from its consumer banking operations. that will most likely affect local branches, loan centers and other office throughout california. on thursday, i told congress that i'll be sending them a bill called the american jobs act. well, here it is. this is -- [applause] >> surrounded by teachers, police officers, firefighters and construction workers, president obama today called on congress to act quickly on his jobs creation plan. the $477 billion plan includes targeted tax cuts, infrastructure spending and new
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job training assistance. labor day has barely passed and the holiday shopping season has already begun, in we're not talking about halloween. ktvu's rob ross is live in san leandro with the season greeting starting in september. rob. >> reporter: it's not even halloween, we are barely past labor day, and here at costco look what is already on the store shelves, christmas accessories! it looks like christmas, at least here in this costco. [audio not understandable] the toy section is up and running. >> we're in recovery in the economy. give them a chance to recover! >> i have to admit i bought ribbon the other day, to make sure i got some before they sold out. >> other giants have announced plans to start selling christmas merchandise by the end of the month. >> they want to see -- when a
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person is ready to purchase. they're also wanting to be able to capitalize on that impulse purchase. >> the recent survey found that 37% of those polled say they plan to do at least some christmas shopping by halloween. we couldn't find any. many say it's way too early to think about christmas. >> i like to enjoy my season. >> everybody is out after the dollar. >> one trade organization forecasting a 3 1/2% increase this year but some researchers say it's too early to make any predictions. >> anything that happens that affects the economy, can cause consumers to sort of seize up and drawback on their spending, or great news in the job market could cause consumers to spend more than they say they will. >> christmas is so vital to the financial health of so many retailers, still many people say they prefer the old way, when the christmas season started the day after
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thanksgiving. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. pg&e's new ceo started today. 62-year-old anthony early replaces petseer darby. he faces a daunting task rebuilding the utilities public image. he is the former ceo and chairman of dte energy, which runs detroit, edison and michigan gas companies. the state's high school juniors are showing improvement in math and english skills, according to statistics released by the state system today. the assessment program shows an increase of 10% from 2006, in students and who completed algebra two or higher. in english, students deemed college ready are up to 22%. that's a 7% increase from 2006. colleges students converge and on the cap to today to push the governor to sign the dream act bill. >> we have the opportunity to have brown signed a piece of legislation that's not only
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critical to a few students in the university, it's critical to all students in the university. the students delivered a stack of 11,000 postcards urging the governor to sign the measure. it would allow students who are illegal immigrants to receive state aid for college. governor brown also has to decide whether to sign a bill which calls for improved breast cancer detection in california. the bill was authored by senator joe schmid onand requires following a mammogram, patients be inferred that dense tissue can obscure cancer on a mammogram. and they may want to discuss the potential value of additional screenings with their doctors. several hundred homes in kern county have been evacuated as wildfires continue to burn in the area tonight. three large fires are burning near the communities of arvin and tehachapi and in the sequoia national forest. they're some of the 50 fires started over the weekend throughout kern county by lightning strikes. according to cal-fire, they burned almost 24,000 acres and are about 30% contained.
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a private burial service in shanksville, pennsylvania today for those killed aboard flight 93. the national park was closed to the public to give the families privacy. the service was done just right, he said. his son mark was one of seven people from the bay area on the flight headed from newark, new jersey to san francisco. the memorial at ground zero officially opened to the public today. new york city mayor bloomberg and other officials greeted visitors. the memorial includes the names of almost 3,000 people killed on 9/11. there are two reflecting pools that occupy the footprints where the twin towers once stood. and you can watch reports from our special program 9/11, a decades of change, on there's video and a slide show from the memorials yesterday. just click on -- [audio not understandable] delayed a lawsuit by a san jose man against the fbi for putsing a gps device on his car without a warrant. the man asked for the delay
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until the u.s. supreme court rules on a related case. the fbi admitted to placing the gps unit on a car but won't say why. he is an egyptian american and says he never did anything to draw the fbi's attention. the university of california is one of five universities being sued by authors of the library of online brooks from google. the author guild filed a lawsuit against the schools in a manhattan federal court today. the guild is claiming the schools have unauthorized scams of orphaned works from google, whose rights holders cannot be located. a new study about fish is drawing a mixed reaction. we'll tell you why what appears to be good news is actually flip-flopping depending on your perspective. >> and we're following bart protestors right now. again so far things are much calmer this evening. protests began late tonight, giving commutors a little more time to get home and they have been peaceful inside and
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outside of bart stations. >> the south bay businesses are future a major road improvement project. how bad things will get before they get better. >> track the thunderstorms up in lake tahoe, and the fog here, back in 10 minutes!
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developing news, we're following in san francisco, this is a live picture on market street. this is right outside u.n. plaza, where bart protestors have been making their way up and down market street at times going into the stations at civic center plaza and powell street. but so far, no stations have closed. protestors got a late start and began walking up and down market street. they marched into the station briefly but did not close the
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station. twice they've gone into the civic center station, each time it's just been for a few minutes. there's about 30 or so protestors and they're being escorted by about 40 or so police officers. the police are trying to keep them off of market street itself and on to the sidewalk. and again, a live picture in san francisco, and you can see several police officers there and some protestors with disbanned bart cops banner making their way down the street. we're keeping an eye on the situation and if anything develops, we'll let you know. two men charged in the killing of a young boy in oakland appeared in court today to enter pleas. prosecutors say lawrence denard and willie torrance took part in a gang-related drive-by shooting last month. a stray bullet killed a three- year-old little boy. denard and torrance are each charged with one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. both pleaded not guilty today. they're set to return to court october 17th, for a pre-trial hearing. a court hearing for a pregnant woman accused of
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killing nursing student michelle le was postponed again today. gisele esteban waived her right to appear without's plan agrees. she appeared briefly on friday, but did not enter a plea. her next court date is next monday when she is expected to be arraigned or assign an attorney from the public defender's offers. a major construction project is getting underway in the south bay. the almaden expressway project will make improvements to the stretch from branham to blossom hill road. it's expected to take nine months, and will add exit and turn lanes and widen the reidway. about 100,000 vehicles travel along the road every day. and drivers welcome the improvements but are aware it comes with a price. >> you're going to get stuck it. will take you something that normally 15 minutes to get through, will take you a good 45 minutes. >> the project is expected to cost $8 million, and is paid for by a federal funding. the golden gate bridge district is poised for another major budget gap by 2013, when it's set to pay almost $100
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million for seismic upgrades and $75 million towards the projects. a spokesman tells us there are no plans right now to increase tolls to cover those costs. however, in the past, the district has raised tolls to help close budget gaps. in about an hour, the palo alto city council will consider plans to improve its downtown parking. a report being presented to the council suggests making technological enhancements to better manage the city's parking spaces. the city is also considering adding more pies kell and disabled parking as well as residential parking permits. it is an alarming number, 11 million fish caught and killed by delta pumps. patty lee is live in berkeley with why this number is an indication of good news for fish population. patty. >> reporter: i'm live at berkeley harr where, with are we talked to captains of this charter fishing boats docked behind me. those captains say the numbers, that 11 million number does not
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add up. if there were more fish in the sea, they say they'd know about it. >> the captain of this charter boat used to take out two groups a day. now he is down to two a week. >> it's been very difficult. it's been a very difficult season. >> this group call their share of salmon today, indicating the fish population is increasing, but slowly. from january to september 7th, california fish and game reported camping 11 million fish in the screens around the delta pumps. mostly split tails. but 35,000 chinook salmon were also caught and relocated. >> and i haven't seen 11 million salvaged out there. i see some fish, but it's a token of what our seasons used to be. >> we spoke with several fish and game biologists today who say the majority of fish species survived the salvage process. but they're so small, less than 3 inches, that fishermen may not notice.
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>> have no idea what they're talking about. the bottom line is that none of us really know where the fish are. >> fishermen often equate salvaging fish to the death of fish because up to 10% more fish die en route to the screens. meaning it's 11 million fish were salvaged, up to 50 million more were sacrificed. >> need to understand that and factor in pre-screened loss, when deciding how many listed fish are allowed to be taken. >> fish if gameboyologists told me the pumps do kill fish and loss of them. but that federal and state law authorizes all of this. that doesn't sit well with those who say it may be legal but it's not right and they're hoping that two lawsuits filed last year may help change the situation. patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. mosquito fog something set for tomorrow night in concord after some mosquitoes in dead birds tested positive for the
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west nile virus. the contra costa mosquito control will be treating an area near treat boulevard and oak grove road. so far, they have found 11 birds with the virus in contra costa county. there are no reported human cases of west nile virus in the county this year. a celebration took place today in an oakland bake bakery. taste of denmark was created by former employees after the 81- year-old store closed last july. it was reopened as a co-op at a telegraph location. this month marks its first birthday. >> they saved this wonderful oakland institution and saved my birthday cakes. and i think generations of oaklanders know this. >> the bakery now offers a taste of oakland with danish and korean pastries, a deli, yogurts and specialty foods. right now the weather story
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of thunderstorms that continue up around lake tahoe, a flash- flood watch is in effect for lake tahoe for the next few hours, and you can see some thunderstorms up around bear valley. the good news with that watch is you've got a lot of rain coming down. that's causing some localized flooding but it's also hoping put a damper on lightning strikes which could be as we have seen this time of year disastrous, having lightning strikes on that west slope. that pattern, that wet thunderstorm pattern will continue for the next 48 hours up there in the afternoon. so we'll stay tuned. we'll watch that closely. lots of rain coming down so that has to help the lightning strikes. 79 today in santa rosa. 87 antioch. it was warmer today than yesterday. it will be a little warmer tomorrow, than it was today. and then we go through next week or this week with subtle variations, just nothing major. i can't point to anything huge. it will be cooler, warmer. some fog, some clearing. requirement now at the coast we've got clear skies for many
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at the coastal sections. so that's good news on the beaches. today and tomorrow, we're got the mountain thunderstorms in the forecast. this is the low pressure responsible for it. it's south of us, not north of us. so we'll get more of a high building in and that will give us a tweak upwards in temperatures into tuesday and wednesday. slight subtle. the thunderstorms for the bay area should be out of the forecasted, but along the spine of the sierra nevada it stays in the forecast. so you can see them spinning off here, you see the rotation. look at the afternoon, around 10, 12 -- you get the daytime heating, that's correct maximum heating. 3:00 probably maximum heating this time of year. the warmth fuels these things some tomorrow afternoon the warm starts to fuel more thunderstorms, along the west slope. you sri fog along our coast. and then we look at wednesday afternoon. fog along our coast again. and then you get a long spine here some cal-fire is watching this closely. the good news tonight, at least
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from what i can tell, is copious rains with some of these. 87 in fairfield tomorrow. 87 in antioch. these highs warmer than they were today. your forecast highs throughout the bay area, not bad tomorrow. nice week ahead. god air quality and a 5-day forecast with your bay area weekend always in view. just a subtle one. not real hot, not real cold, kind every nice. >> just right. >> just right! >> thank you, bill. coming up on bay area news at 7 on tv 36, we're monitoring the bart protests in downtown san francisco. we'll update you on any commuter impact. also as the nation struggles to add more jobs, silicon valley leaders held an important conference today in san francisco. why today's event could soon lead to more bay area jobs. we'll center that full story for in 30 minutes on tv 36. coming up next, mark has the latest on the u.s. open championships.
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mark is here. turn on the to be a great match. >> yes, we had to wait an extra day to get it, but the men's u.s. open doing good. no question who is the number- one player in the world.
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absolutely no joke. he is novak djokovic, serbian. he beat raphael nadal. really, there was a lot of stretching and moaning and groaning. great endurance, lot of long points. three out of four grand slam titles this year, novak wins it and takes this particular match in five sets. he is 64-2 this year, clearly the number-one player in the world. remember when the raiders why number one on monday night football? they were just beasts on the national spotlight. no longer. but they'd like to turn that around in their season-opener and that man's first game has head coach of the raiders, they will be up in denver. they beat them twice badly last year, did the raiders beat the broncos. but the raiders have lost 11 straight on monday night football and their season opener, 8 consecutive times. they were 0-4 in the preseason, but their quarterback campbell still putting a happy shine on
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things going into tonight's game. >> i think our guys are stepping up, making plays. young receivers are maturing, are growing. and i think they're getting aggressive with the new system and everything we've been running. and only thing you can to is ask for an opportunity and continue to get better and not saying myself along with those guys having to -- another year together will give us an opportunity to take the next step. >> all right. it's time it get on, vote for this week's game of the week. there's your six selections. palo alto versus middy from powerhouse in san jose. that's the sporting life of this hour! >> all right, mark. thank you. the latest on bart at and twitter. see you at 10!
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